Love Flowers? 2 Beautiful And Contemporary Ways To Add More Flowers To Your Wedding Day

Weddings are one of life's most momentous and important events. It's little wonder that couples spend many months, sometimes years, planning every detail of their big day. Wedding trends may come and go, and modern weddings have veered away from some of the more traditional elements in favour of less formal structures. However, certain things will always be essential for every type of wedding.

Flowers are one of this indispensable elements, and they feature prominently in weddings held in fancy venues through to informal, backyard weddings. As well as traditional floral arrangements, such as bouquets, buttonholes and table centrepieces, modern couples are using flowers in other creative ways. If you love flowers, then here are two beautiful and contemporary ways you can add even more of them into your wedding day.

1. A floral crown

For many brides, the very formal and coiffed wedding hairstyles of the past have been replaced by more natural, casual and soft styles. Many brides choose to leave their hair loose and flowing or to have a wispy, messy bun with loose tendrils that frame their face. Adding a colourful and beautifully scented flower crown to a more relaxed hairstyle is a perfect combination.

Floral crowns are essentially floral arrangements that are attached to a flexible metal headband. Most florists are able to custom make them for you, using a variety of flowers of your choosing. Floral crowns can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, and you can opt for classic wedding flowers, such as roses, or more contemporary blooms, such as Australian natives.

2. A flower wall

Green walls have become a very popular addition to modern weddings. Made up of either real or fake plants, these vertical gardens make a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and a place for guests to pose with the couple for formal and informal photographs. If you adore flowers, you can take the green wall to the next level by opting for a flower wall instead.

Flower walls are made up from a selection of different flowers, depending on the visual style and colour scheme of your wedding. The not only look stunning, they also provide a gorgeous perfume that will heighten the senses of you and your guests. If you'd like the flowers to be enjoyed for longer, your florist can prepare the wall so that each guest can take home a small floral bouquet as a wedding favour.