4 weird international holidays to celebrate with flowers

Everyone knows the usual celebrations where you may send flowers. Valentine's, anniversaries, losses or birthdays are all associated with flower giving. But why not surprise the people you love with an unexpected gift to mark a strange international day.

Here are four weird international days to use as an excuse to show someone you care.

  1. Mustard Day, August 1. Founded in 1988 and taken over by the National Mustard Museum (yes, that exists) in 1991, Mustard Day is all about celebrating a love of mustard. If someone you know loves mustard, this is a great excuse to send them a bunch of yellow and orange flowers in appreciation. A bouquet of yellow and orange roses can also signify friendship and energy respectively, a perfect combination for that weird, mustard loving friend of yours.

  2. October 2015. This October you can celebrate Sarcastic Month. Some people can be more sarcastic than others. If you have a sarcastic person in your life who you love, why not celebrate them by sending them a gift this October. Flowers for this occasion could include a dark pink rose of thankfulness, or a bunch of blue violets to let them know you'll always be their true friend despite what they say. Don't forget the sarcastic note.

  3. Fun Facts About Names Day, March 2. Is someone you love feeling glum? Look up the historical uses and meaning of their name and send them the information in a little card with some flowers on this day to cheer them up. This day also happens to fall in Spring, making it a great time to send flowers. Choose the cheerful and friendly daffodils, chrysanthemums which are the flower for wonderful friends or a blue hyacinth representing your constant affection.

  4. Unlucky Day, December 31. The last day of the year is Unlucky Day most likely created by someone who was having an extremely bad day. Hopefully their New Year was much better. Send a loved one luck on this with some lucky flowers to welcome in the New Year. The perfect gift is an anemone which not only brings luck but protects against evil. Other choices include heather, considered to have lucky magical properties and white carnations which symbolise good luck.

    All of these dates are correct as of 2015 but may change in 2016 so be sure to look it up before you send your gift.

    Everyone likes unexpected gifts of affection and love; all you need is an excuse and the perfect flower from a place like Enfield House Of Flowers .