Floral Décor: 3 Inspired Flower Decorative Ideas to Style Wedding Reception Venues

Floral décor is a great way to jazz up the look of a wedding venue instantly. Choosing the flowers arrangements with the florist requires meticulous planning and thoughtful consideration based on the overall theme of your wedding reception. Since flowers are versatile enough to dress up everything from the cake to the chairs, here are some inspired flower decorative ideas to style wedding reception venues.

Fresh Flower Jam Bottle Centrepieces

While centrepieces are well known, the idea of infusing fresh flowers into jam bottles is a fresh take on creating a flowered focal point. Trendy and stylish, this creative floral decorative idea imbues bright colour and elevated style into an otherwise all-white table. Discuss your wedding theme with your florist and choose centrepiece flowers that blend well.

For example, purple orchids and white lilies look fantastic if you're looking to create an elegant feel, while red roses feature a radiantly classic finish. Use coloured ribbon and lace to embellish the jar beautifully to fashion a delicate vintage vibe for your table centrepieces.

Wedding Chairs

Using flowers to dress up the wedding chairs conjures a look of modern elegance to ensure that every part of your wedding venue is elegantly decorated and beautifully styles. Use small bunches of flowers finished with colourful ribbons on the sides of wedding chairs to infuse your wedding theme subtly into the whole space.

For fresh garden theme venues, add a mixed flower arrangement of tulips and daffodils for a cheery spring look. You may also like the idea of pairing brightly versatile roses with sunflowers for a rustic theme or with white lilies for a more refined look. Your florist should plan the flower arrangement for the wedding chairs in a manner that doesn't restrict the view of your guests.

Cake Table Décor

Fresh flowers are great for decorating cake tables with their refreshing energy and dazzling appearance. A few charming blooms placed around the cake table is enough to transform the look of a simple cake placed on the table. Use dramatic floral pieces with natural touches to bring the cake table to life.

Don't forget to use some fillers like baby's breath and ferns to add classy bulk to the flower arrangements without inflating your budget. Peonies, berries and calla lilies can bring a variety of colour to the cake table to make an unforgettable impact. Dress up the cake table with some rose petals in your wedding theme colour for a perfect finish.

Talk to florists like Riverside Florist & Gifts about selecting only in-season flowers for your wedding to ensure that you don't spend a fortune, while beautifully transforming the look of your wedding venue.