How to Buy Just the Right Kind of Flowers for Your Loved One

Whether you've only just met, it's just getting serious, you're newlyweds or celebrating your twentieth wedding anniversary, flowers can say exactly how you feel without needing words. But buying the right flowers for the person you love can be tricky, especially if you're buying online. Online florists are a booming business, allowing you more choice in your flowers. Just because your florist isn't with you in person, doesn't mean you can't buy a personal bouquet.

If you're embarking on a new relationship or using the flowers to express how you feel to someone new, remember to check they like flowers and aren't allergic before you start looking for the perfect bouquet.

When looking for the right flowers for your intended or loved one, keep the following in mind:


What are your loved ones favourite colours? Consider finding a bouquet of flowers with different shades of that colour or colours which complement it. For example, if your girlfriend likes pink, then try mixing pink and white flowers together. Or perhaps your husband loves blue, in which case your choice of blue flowers will contrast beautifully with yellow flowers.


One excellent way to express how you feel by flowers is to choose a bouquet that represents your loved one. Think about their personality. Perhaps they are subtle but passionate, then the soft but full shape of a rose might be a good choice. Or if they are feisty, try the sharp but delicate iris.


Have a good think about the message you're trying to convey with your flowers. Different flowers have different meanings so try to match up your chosen colour and shape with flowers that represent the message you want to give your loved one. While roses are the classic flower of love, try and do something different. A daisy, forget-me-not, ivy and peony all also represent love, loyalty and happiness in a relationship.


A large bouquet can be a wonderful surprise, especially after years of marriage. But if you're trying to express your love for the first time or your relationship is in the early stages, a large bouquet can be overwhelming. A single flower or a small posy can convey a message just as strong. Consider giving a spray of red carnations or wildflowers, or if the time has come to utter those three little words, a single red rose.

Flowers are a traditional and wonderful way of telling someone you love them. Just because you're buying the flowers online doesn't mean you can't make the bouquet personal. Consider the person you're buying the flowers for and, if in doubt, contact the florist (such as Executive Flowers & Gifts) directly for advice.